Ambassador day at Radboud University (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

April 13th, 2016

On 13th April, the master class of forensic chemistry took place at Radboud University. High school students learned about the science of solving crimes and how drugs are analyzed. Under the supervision of the coordinator Dr. Tom Bloemberg and six BIOGEL fellows, they synthesized luminol-­ a common type of illuminant used for forensic analysis.

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The highly motivated students of the master class at Radboud University attended lectures on forensic science during the morning hours
to obtain an overview of the field. Meanwhile, the BIOGEL fellows prepared the experiments of the afternoon with the help of Dr. Tom Bloemberg. During a provided lunch the students were able to talk with the BIOGEL fellows about their projects and motivations in small groups. In this way, they did not only come in contact with the project in a relaxed surrounding, but also got an impression of the international collaboration that is a key aspect of the Marie-­Curie scholarship. After lunch, Dr. Tom Bloemberg gave a safety introduction before the students started carrying out the experiments. In a two-­step reaction, they synthesized luminol, a substance that is used in forensic analysis.

Under supervision of the BIOGEL fellows the students learned how to use basic laboratory materials such as pipettes and vacuum pumps. During the experimentation, the master class students were further able to ask questions to the BIOGEL students. As a direct proof whether their syntheses were successful, they tested if their solutions were able to emit light in a dark room. Each group of tow to three students could finally synthesize the desired product and took pictures of bright blue luminescent solutions. Finally, they received a certificate for their participation.


Paula de Almeida, Kaizheng Liu, Irene Buzzacchera, Dominik Bernhagen, Leander Poocza, Melanie Krueger.

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