Natural Sciences Day

September 19th 2015, Kreuzau

As part of the communication and public engagement strategy of the BIOGEL project, ESR Arturo Castro Nava, Christopher Licht and Dr. Elisabeth Heine acted as Marie Skłodowska-Curie Ambassadors and gave a talk on the second “Natural Sciences Day” of the secondary school in Kreuzau (Germany) on 19th September 2015. The goal was to promote science and research and assist teachers in preparing teaching materials for the future. It was a good opportunity for our ESR to interact with the public and to engage in the public’s interests in science and technology. On that day, 24 scientists gave interesting and exciting insights into actual research projects to students aged between 13 – 18 and guests.


Natural Science Day

In the digital pupil`s magazine, a review on the “Natural Sciences Day” was given, stating that the preparations for this day were tremendous, but that the success showed that the efforts were definitely worthwhile. [ Link ]

The “Natural Sciences Day II” was also reported in the local newspaper. [ Link ]

The title of DWI’s presentation was ”Biohybrid systems and control of biological reactions upon material contact”.


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