Newsletter July 2015

1st Newsletter July 2015

Training network BIOGEL has startedImage 1

BIOGEL is derived from the two words BIOfuncitional and hydroGEL. Hydrogels, are three dimensional and water-rich polymer networks that have gained growing interest for biomedical applications such as coatings or wound dressings, tissue repair and diagnostic tools. As the clinical potential of hydrogels has not been fully exploited so far, research in this field has to be extended in order to develop smarter materials and systems. Within its Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, the European Commission supports the training network BIOGEL for the next four years with a total budget of 3.5 million Euros.

Herein 14 young scientists will learn about hydrogel chemistry and investigate new hydrogel systems in academic and industrial settings for biomedical applications. This network strongly promotes the students to acquire a large variety of international, interdisciplinary, and intersectoral experiences.


Kick-off meeting at DWI AachenImage 2

On January 19, the members of the BIOGEL network, met at DWI in Aachen, coordinator of BIOGEL. Principle investigators of 13 research institutes from seven European countries, the United States and Japan presented their work and discussed their collaboration. “BIOGEL allows us to do top-level research together with excellent partners from both academia and industry, with a common goal in mind”, says Prof. Dr. Martin Möller, scientific director of DWI.

“The consistency of hydrogels is similar to the body’s own tissue. Hydrogels can be injected in a minimal invasive manner and adjust their shape inside the body. Biologically active molecules and pharmaceutical substances that are incorporated in the polymeric network can interact with a particular set of proteins, stimulate cell growth, and direct cell migration”, explains
DWI’s junior research group leader Dr. Laura De Laporte. “By choosing suitable molecular building blocks, specialists can tailor the hydrogel’s properties depending on the specific application”.

Welcome to our first 4 young scientists, which are now part of the network! (effective July 15, 2015)

Dominik Bernhagen                                  Delphine Blondel                                    Leander Poocza                                 Marcel van Dongen

Dominik Bernhagen              Delphine Blondel               Leander Poocza              Marcel van Dongen


1st Network meeting at Pepscan

On June 15, members of the BIOGEL network, met at Pepscan Therapeutics in Lelystad. After welcome words by CSO Peter Timmerman and a discussion about network progresses, principle investigators and students had the opportunity to exchange their scientific ideas. The two early stage researcher that have already started within BIOGEL, Delphine Blondel and Dominik Bernhagen, presented their projects and initial results. Prof. Timmerman gave a detailed overview about all the technologies that PEPSCAN can offer for the success of BIOGEL. In addition, the
network members got an impression of the PEPCAN enterprise by a very fascinating laboratory tour.

Upcoming events:

Supervisory board meeting (University of Valladolid, December 14 2015)
2nd network meeting (University of Valladolid, December 14 2015)
2 day workshop: General skills (Technical Proteins Nanobiotechnology, Valladolid, December 15-16 2015)

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